Word of God: Inspiration
May 14, 2017

Word of God: Inspiration

Passage: 2 Peter 1:21-23
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"Did God really say?"  This was the question that the serpent posed to Eve in Genesis 3.  As the serpent was well aware, if he could undermine the reliability of God's Word in the minds of Adam and Eve, then he could convince them to renounce God's commands and strike out on their own.  Regretfully, his strategy proved effective and the Fall of humankind was the result.

Even today, the serpent's question reverberates throughout our culture.  Did God really say?  Is the Bible truly a reliable source for understanding God or is it just  a compendium of fables and fairy tales.

In this week's message Pastor Rick is going to explore this question.  Specifically, he will look at what the Bible claims about itself.  Does the Bible claim to be a reliable, authoritative source regarding who God is?  Does the Bible claim, even greater than this, to be the very Word of God?  Join us as we explore the Biblical concept of Inspiration particularly how it plays out in the lives and writings of key Old Testament prophets like Isaiah and Jeremiah.

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